Bar Handles – Brushed Nickel x 100 (Bulk Buy)


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12mm diameter t bar kitchen handles. Buy 100+ for your next project and save yourself some serious money.


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Brushed Nickel


6101 x 100: 128mm crs, 168mm o/a, 6048 x 100: 160mm crs, 200mm o/a, 6055 x 100: 192mm crs, 232mm o/a, 6049 x 100: 288mm crs, 328mm o/a, 6102 x 100: 320mm crs, 360mm o/a, 6103 x 100: 448mm crs, 488mm o/a, 6104 x 100: 544mm crs, 584mm o/a, 6105 x 100: 640mm crs, 680mm o/a


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