Bar Handles – Stainless Steel




These 12mm diameter t bar stainless steel handles are timeless and fit into any space. We think they fit the design term ‘EDITED’. This means very well thought out and organised. Predictable but not boring. Similarly, minimal but not cold.  This style of cupboard handles are sometimes referred to as post and rail cabinet handles.

Available in 160mm, 224mm, 320mm, 384mm, 448mm, 544mm & 640mm centre to centre fixing holes.

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Stainless Steel


6048: 160mm crs, 200mm o/a, 6055: 192mm crs, 232mm o/a, 6518: 224mm crs, 264mm o/a, 6102: 320mm crs, 360mm o/a, 6519: 384mm crs, 424mm o/a, 6103: 448mm crs, 488mm o/a, 6104: 544mm crs, 584mm o/a, 6105: 640mm crs, 680mm o/a

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