Bar Handles – Stainless Steel

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12mm diameter t bar stainless steel handles. These cupboard handles are sometimes referred to as post and rail cabinet handles.

Available in 128mm, 192mm, 320mm, 448mm, 544mm & 640mm centre to centre fixing holes.

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Stainless Steel


6048: 160mm crs, 200mm o/a, 6055: 192mm crs, 232mm o/a, 6518: 224mm crs, 264mm o/a, 6102: 320mm crs, 360mm o/a, 6519: 384mm crs, 424mm o/a, 6103: 448mm crs, 488mm o/a, 6104: 544mm crs, 584mm o/a, 6105: 640mm crs, 680mm o/a

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