Barrel Bolts – Straight


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Smooth action barrel bolts. Constructed from high quality, solid brass, and electroplated to; brushed nickel, satin chrome, chrome plate, satin brass or matt black.

*Main image displays polished brass barrel bolt, however this finish is no longer available. Satin Brass and matt black available in 150mm length.


Wondering what the main use of a barrel bolt is?

A barrel bolt is a versatile door hardware accessory with various applications. Primarily used for additional security and privacy, a barrel bolt consists of a cylindrical metal bolt that slides into a corresponding housing, securing doors, windows, or cabinets. It provides a simple and effective way to prevent unauthorized access, enhance privacy, or keep doors and windows in a partially open position. Barrel bolts are easy to install, operate manually, and come in various sizes and finishes to match different settings. This cost-effective solution is commonly employed in both residential and commercial spaces for its practicality and added security features.

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5208 – 75x25mm, 20mm throw, 5209 – 100x25mm, 20mm throw, 5210 – 150x31mm, 50mm long throw, 5224 – 150x31mm, 30mm standard throw


Brushed Nickel, Chrome Plate, Satin Chrome, Matt Black, Satin Brass

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