Mornington Gun Metal Cabinet Handle – Graphite Nickel



The Minerva Cabinet Handle, is one of the more popular cabinet handles in the Zanda range.

It comes 16mm in width, and 36mm in projection.

This handle is available in the following sizes up to almost 600mm;

6314 – 128mm crs., 158mm o/a length

6414 – 160mm crs, 190mm o/a length

6315 – 192mm crs, 222mm o/a length

6316 – 288mm crs, 318mm o/a length

6415 – 448mm crs, 478mm o/a length


Additional information


6314 – 128x158mm, 6414 – 160x190mm, 6315 – 192x222mm, 6316 – 288x318mm, 6415 – 448x478mm


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