Texas Pull Handles

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Texas Pull Handles. 40mm wide handle.

All 316 grade Stainless/Brass components Size range.

Available in differing sizes ranging from 300mm up to 900mm lengths.

Radiused corners for improved ergonomics.


7098: 300mm O/A Length, 270mm Centres

7099: 450mm O/A Length, 410mm Centres

7100: 600mm O/A Length, 560mm Centres

7101: 900mm O/A Length, 860mm Centres

7102: 1800mm O/A Length, 1760mm Centres

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316 Stainless Steel


7098FF: 300mm – Face Fix, 7098RF: 300mm – Rear Fix, 7098BB: 300mm – Back to Back (Pair), 7099RF: 450mm – Rear Fix, 7099FF: 450mm – Face Fix, 7099BB: 450mm Back to Back (Pair), 7100RF: 600mm – Rear Fix, 7100FF: 600mm – Face Fix, 7100BB: 600mm – Back to Back (Pair), 7101RF: 900mm Rear Fix, 7101FF: 900mm – Face Fix, 7101BB: 900mm – Back to Back (Pair)

1 review for Texas Pull Handles

  1. Marcus Halliday

    again, really good quality handle and has made my front pivot door look great. You just need a square escutcheon and you’ll be laughing!! Good website and good service, youve made my week 🙂

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