Wide Throw Stainless Steel Hinges


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Wide Throw Stainless Steel Hinges are also known as Parliment Hinges and Swing Clear Hinges.

Wide throw hinges move the pivot point outward allowing the door to clear obstacles in the swing path.

  • A wide throw hinge sets the pivot point out away from the door allowing the door to open 180 degrees (depending on obstructions in the swing path of the door).
  • Wide throw hinges can be used when a door is set in a wide door jamb.
  • 304 Grade Stainless steel base material. Good for use outdoors, on sea coasts or any where the look of satin stainless steel is desired.
  • Designed for full mortise installation.

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Stainless Steel


100x125x3.2mm, 100x150x3.2mm, 100x175x3.2mm, 100x200x3.2mm


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